People are what make organizations function and people represent the most significant ‘soft capital’ investment and expense for companies of all types. The business climate today is such that making the right decisions in the hiring process is critically important.

Corporations lose millions of dollars each year due to employee absenteeism, emotional issues, burnout, employee conflict, alcohol or drug abuse, and acute and chronic illnesses. Not only do they face increasingly escalating health care and stress-related costs, they incur the less quantifiable expenses of reduced productivity and employee turnover. The financial and emotional capital that has been invested in a valuable employee who leaves the organization is lost.

In addition, as research shows, money is not always the most important motivator for many individuals. They will, at a certain level, turn down offers of a higher paycheck if they are in positions that are rewarding, fulfilling and engaging.

Organizations that have relied Karen Bridbord & Associates to provide executive coaching, selection for hiring, training and development programs, and on-boarding consulting have witnessed the following:

  • Decreased Healthcare Costs
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Business Performance
  • Enhanced Workplace Community
  • Improved Recruitment Results
  • Better Retention of High Achieving Employees
  • More Effective Talent Pipelines
  • Enhanced Employee Creativity