Helping founders leverage interpersonal dynamics to spur success

Workplace relationships are one of the key drivers in the success – or failure – of any business. The relationships of the founders, and indeed any top executive team, have an oversized impact on a company’s key performance indicators.

After all, while some measures of success are related to business acumen and the creative spirit of entrepreneurship, the relationships among founders and top-level company executives can make or break success.

That’s where Founders Foundry™ comes in. We help startups, entrepreneurs, investors and top executive teams make the most of interpersonal dynamics to spur company success!

The million dollar question

Ask yourself: Are you doing what’s required to ensure you’re maximizing the relationships of founders and key top executives?

Founders Foundry™ was created to address the interpersonal struggles that occur between founders and top executive teams. Our goal is to help develop self-awareness and awareness of others, and create tools for top-performing teams to maximize interpersonal effectiveness that leads to business success.

We’re focused on startups, entrepreneurs, investors and top executive teams – essentially anyone who’s leading a business with other people. These groups are driven to succeed and they recognize that it takes more than a great idea, passion and business acumen for a company to flourish.

We turn that recognition into action!

An interdisciplinary approach

Our interdisciplinary approach marries psychological acumen with and business acumen. A key component of what we do is building trust and deepening commitment among business leaders.

Because when interpersonal dynamics are leveraged effectively, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

At Founders Foundry™ we create exceptional value for companies by providing the critical piece that supports growth and effective workplace dynamics. The secret sauce is in the “how.”

As part of our methodology we use a range of tools to:

  • Provide an in-depth assessment.
  • Build key skills.
  • Support insight development.
  • Facilitate interventions.
  • Develop preventive measures.
  • Guide repairs.
  • Provide ongoing support.

In other words, we help individual leaders and teams build emotional intelligence so they’re more effective, more successful and empowered to achieve. We’re also there to support leaders over time and provide tune-ups as needed to ensure relationships continue to be productive.

Address the elephant in the room!

Ultimately, an organization can only be as great as it leaders – and the interpersonal climate among leaders has a disproportionate impact on the success of any business. It’s the elephant in the room that’s most likely to be ignored.

Founders Foundry™ helps you see that elephant, tame it and mold your company for continued success!

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