Karen Bridbord, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and consultant who uniquely combines the expertise of clinical psychology, organizational behavior and counseling. She works on a personal level with couples andĀ individuals as a therapist and on an organizational level to help corporations with her firm Karen Bridbord & Associates.
Dr. Bridbord has over a decade of experience using telehealth and teleconsulting with her clients. For more information, please contact Dr. Bridbord.

Organizational Consulting

Karen Bridbord & Associates, LLC

Dr. Bridbord, with her firm Karen Bridbord & Associates, works with organizations to maximize the investment in their most valuable asset – their people – by improving workplace-related dynamics. Her philosophy is simple: There is reciprocity between the functioning of the individual and the functioning of the business. Healthy individuals lead to healthy organizations and personal effectiveness leads to organizational effectiveness.

By diagnosing issues in managerial and personal behaviors, job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention, and then developing appropriate behavioral solutions, along with hiring recommendations, Dr. Bridbord assists organizations to enact tangible, positive change, save money, and improve their bottom lines.

Dr. Bridbord helps individuals and couples to identify and make the changes in their personal and professional lives that enable them to enhance their life satisfaction and well being. She is one of the select few Certified Gottman Couples Therapists in the metropolitan New York area.

Offering a highly personalized approach, Dr. Bridbord is a goal-oriented and solution-focused professional who tailors her services to the needs of each individual or couple. Depending on the situation, she integrates traditional psychodynamic concepts with contemporary methods such as cognitive, behavioral, Gottman, attachment, and systems theories, and delivers them in a style that is caring and direct, gentle and collaborative.